Instruction to the client

Dear clients Prestige Vehicle!
Thanks for the shown interest to our services! We suggest you to familiarize with conditions of the order of cars which are called to make more effective the organization of your celebration.

    1. All the prices are individual for each order.
    2. We ask you to inform us in advance on a prospective route, and also about quantity of passengers. The matter is that at different machines different capacity, and quantity of passengers should not exceed quantity of landing places.
    3. Cases of possible departure of the car for limits of city should be necessarily stipulated.
    4. The Company guarantees rent of the car only for preliminary ordered time. Prolongation of time of rent probably only in case of absence of the subsequent on time of the order.
    5. Take an interest at the driver about presence of the subsequent order. If it is, try to time correctly in a way. We, certainly, shall not leave you in the middle of road, but we cannot bear the responsibility for time of rent of the car changed by you. We are obliged to carry out of the obligations to all clients.
    6. For a delay of the car till 10 minutes over the specified term payment is not raised. For a delay of the car over 10 minutes, time which will be paid by the customer, will be approximated to 30 minutes. If time exceeds 30 minutes - payment will be approximated till one o'clock.
    7. In case of reduction of actual time of performance of the order under the initiative of the client, cost of the order does not change and the spent means do not come back.
    8. We ask you to inform us in advance on changes of your order or about its cancelling. In case of when we shall be informed on similar changes less, than 10 days prior to date of realization of your order, we shall keep the sum equal of 10 % from cost of your order.
    9. At the order of service of meetings at the airport or station, and at a delay of an arrival of the plane or arrival of a train, in each hour of idle time of the car the customer pays 50 % from cost of the order and service of a paid parking, but company Prestige Vehicle!!!, guarantees expectation within the first 30 minutes, at absence of the subsequent on time of the order - it is free-of-charge. We ask you to inform on a similar situation on one of the specified phone numbers.
    10. With a view of your safety speed of movement car cannot exceed 50 km/hours. Observance Rules of traffic is obligatory for all. It is not necessary to address to the driver with requests and requirements for their infringement.
    11. The Company cannot bear the responsibility for congestion of roads, fuses, actions of employees police and supernumerary situations on road on a route of the car.
    12. Our cars are in a faultless technical condition. Nevertheless with each car can there will be in a way a breakage or failure. In such cases time for elimination of breakage or trial will be subtracted from time of your order.
    13. Do not use car in a condition of deranged or alcoholic intoxication, do not leave in interior of children without supervision of adults.
    14. It is forbidden to bear utensils from car, to put any subjects on the car: glasses, bottles, boxes, bags, baskets to sit down, lay down or put legs on cowls and bumpers of the car (if to put a leg on a bumper it is necessary for photoshooting - take a napkin from the driver - in its picture it will be visible not). Do not put a leg on seats and a bar rack in interior of the car.
    15. It is impossible to bring in interior any subjects having a sharp unpleasant smell or the subjects having sharp or cutting edges, including baskets with colors (for this purpose there is a luggage carrier), a photo and videocameras with a support. To use for videoshootings inside of the machine a videocamera with a lantern having sharp edges or a hot lamp.
    16. It is impossible to close back license plate ornaments.
    17. It is impossible to open doors up to a full stop of the machine, not having convinced, that beside there are no passing cars, or without the permission of the driver. To transfer during movement subjects from a limousine in other cars and on the contrary.
    18. Do not throw out in windows dust and bottles. During movement it is forbidden to put out in apertures of windows or the hatch of a hand, a leg, a head, to get out on a roof.
    19. It is not recommended to open a champagne inside of a limousine. To strew the car sweets, coins, grain. According to traditions, it is necessary to strew "fortunately" not the machine, and a newly-married couple, as a last resort - throw a handful under wheels.
    20. It is forbidden to use open fire inside or near to a limousine, to arrange salutes and fireworks near to a limousine.
    21. That the wedding train looked beautifully, you can order an ornament of machines tapes, balloons, rings or compositions from artificial and real flowers. It is necessary for stipulating at the order of the car. The independent ornament of machines is forbidden, as there is a risk to damage a surface of the car.
    22. We are glad to carry out all your desires which are in our competence. Nevertheless we ask you in advance, at the order of the car, to stipulate with all of us additional services, whether it be an ornament of cars, services of the guide, etc.

And, certainly, we with pleasure shall offer you pleasant surprises depending on time of your order in the form of a champagne!
We ask you to remember that:

  • Compensation to the driver is welcomed, but always remains on your discretion.
  • You should not force the driver to infringement of rules of traffic.
  • Speed of movement of a limousine on city should not exceed 50 km/hours.
  • Smoking in interior of a limousine is forbidden.
  • The Customer bears a full liability for safety of property of a limousine.
  • In case of damage of the equipment or furnish of a limousine, the customer compensates cost of the put damage according to the detailed description.
Yours faithfully, Administration.